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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

Holiday Contest

December 2, 2014

We are hosting a contest for the holiday season! Find out more info down below!

In the spirit of the holidays, RLCompositions is having a free music contest! The winning ensemble will receive either one free concert band piece or two free chamber/small ensemble pieces! We want to hear from you and get to know the ensembles we’ve been working with!

We will be accepting submissions between 12/2/14-12/12/14. We will then pick our top 5 and let YOU vote! We will track likes on Facebook and retweets on Twitter at @rlcompositions. Voting will be 12/15/14-12/19/14 with the winner announced 12/22/14.

Rules for submissions:

  • One submission per ensemble.
  • Send to [email protected] or our Message Inbox on Facebook. DO NOT POST ON OUR WALL.
  • Name of ensemble
  • Name and contact information of Director or Lead.
  • Brief summary of why your ensemble is AWESOME and should win a free piece!
  • Picture or video of ensemble.