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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

Fall 2017 Update

November 27, 2017

I can’t believe 2017 is almost over! This year has flown by super fast. I thought I’d take the time today to post a small update about what I’ve been doing this fall.

One of the biggest changes for me was that my wife and I adopted our first dog. We’ve been cat people out entire marriage and decided now was a good time to adopt. Here is a picture of our new dog Garen:

He keeps us busy and is adjusting well to our home. The cats are not the biggest fan of him right now but they will warm up to him soon!

We just got back from a very successful NMEA Conference. Everyone I met had a genuine interest in my music. I got to reconnect with a couple of my old directors. They are the guys that helped kindle my composition passion and are one of the reasons I chose to pursue music as a career.

I got the parts and score sent off for my 3 spring premiers: “Concerto for Wind Ensemble”, “Forge”, and “Curtain in the Sky (Orchestra)”. This was a monumental task for all three pieces as their deadlines all stacked on top of each other. Now that they are delivered I have this sense of relief and pride. I cannot wait for the premier of these pieces this spring!

Now as I sit here, I’m starting to look at 2018 a little bit. I’ve already taking drill orders for 2018 and I’m quickly filling up all my spots. This might be a first for me as I usually don’t get all my spots filled until January/February! Next summer already promises to be busy and exciting!

As for what I’m writing next, that remains up in the air at this moment. For the first time in a long time I have no commissions on my plate. It’s kind of refreshing but I have an itch to write. So over the next couple of months I’ll be writing pieces that I’ve wanted to write for a while. One of them will definitely be a contest piece and the other was just to get it out of my head. We will see how they go….

As I wrap up this post, I would like to encourage everyone to please give to their local music and arts organizations this holiday season. All of these groups do amazing things and are one of the reasons I write music. It doesn’t have to be much but your money goes a long way.

Keep an eye out for my next update in December! Until then have a great holiday season!