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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

UFO March

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    03:49 min
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UFO March


SKU: CW0030

Now available for pre-order! Expected delivery: March 2024.

I wrote this piece after my friend Brooke Pierson joking texted me to write a dark march with electronics. It had been over a decade since I’ve written one, so it was definitely time to give it another shot.

The idea behind this march is to sound like a Hollywood sound track to an alien invasion movie. There’s an optional electronics part for a theremin player (either real or synthesized) as well to really help drive home the UFO theme!

If you wish to obtain a patch to play the theremin part via MIDI keyboard contact me and I’ll send you an Ableton Live Project to do so.

Bonus Midi Roll Demo Below:

Ensembles:   Concert Band

Genres:   Electronics

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