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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

Sonic BOOM!!!

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    05:00 min
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Sonic BOOM!!!

$100.00  -  Digital Score and Parts

SKU: CW0016

“Sonic BOOM!!!” is inspired by the series of events as a jet plan breaks the sound barrier. When I was teenager, I lived by an air-force base. After living there for a while you get used to the sounds of the planes flying over. One day however, one of those jets planes decided to go super-sonic over the city. It was quite possibly one of the loudest things I’ve ever heard in my life. It caused windows to shatter on cars. It was that loud.

This piece seeks to portray a jet fighter taking off and soaring into the sky and breaking the sound barrier. Just like a fighter pilot, the piece is quick and nimble and will keep performers on their toes through the various time signature changes. The piece culminates with a great final surge as the jet flies off into the distance. Commissioned by Dr. Jay Jones and the Platte County High School Wind Ensemble.


This piece includes optional electronics. The piece works 100% without the electronics but for groups that wish to use them, the following technical notes will help you out.

The audio files are stereo mixed. You need a very LOUD PA system.

You will need a PC/Mac to perform the electronics. The PA system will be hooked up to the PC/Mac. You will also need a MIDI Keyboard hooked up to the PC as well via MIDI-to-USB. There is an Ableton Live file which is available upon request that will allow you to perform with the electronics. You can download a free 30-day trial for the performance and it will require no additional setup other then opening the file and playing the electronics part like a piano part.

You can request the electronics by emailing [email protected].

Ensembles:   Concert Band

Genres:   Electronics

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