Phase Shift


Available for pre-order Summer 2020.

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Consortium Members:
Purdue University Symphonic Band, Dr. Jonathan Sweet (Consortium Lead)
Bellevue West High School, Marques Eckhoff
Ferris State University, Richard Scott Cohen
Dordt University Bands. Dr. Onsby C. Rose
Ottawa University Wind Ensemble. Dr. Kevin Maret
Metropolitan State University, David Kish
University of Illinois at Chicago Symphonic Band, Nicholas Carlson
Mississippi State University Concert Band, Craig Aarhus

About Phase Shift:
The term “Phase Shift” is a change in the phase of a waveform. Meaning how far has the waveform shifted from its
usual position. In this piece, we iterate on that concept by putting the ensemble into an unusual arrangement and
shifting the sound (waveforms) away from their usual positions. Throughout the piece, a 4-note motif is present that is
passed around from side to side and shifted between instrument families throughout the stage. Punctuated brass
fanfares mark each phase shift while providing driving motion for the entire piece.

More than that, the title refers to the shift away from the traditional performance medium to a more modern
soundscape with incorporated electronics. The concert band medium has gone under many evolutions over the last
100 years and “Phase Shift” celebrates those evolutions while taking that next step into the future.

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