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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

Keeper Of The Forest

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    07:00 min
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Keeper Of The Forest

Available Mid-May 2024

“Keeper Of The Forest” program notes:

“A society grows great when old men plant trees in whose shade they shall never sit.” – Greek Proverb

For the past 31 years, Ky Hascall has taught music education. During this time, he’s changed the lives of thousands of students. Over the years he’s planted so many seeds of wisdom, patience, confidence, and music into so many lives that we will never truly know his full impact.

In a forest, each tree is unique and different, But when combined together, they create a cohesive ecosystem for life to thrive and find life in. The same can be said for Ky’s career in music education. Each student is unique and different. But with the right nurturing, they can become part of something bigger than themselves.

“Keeper of the Forest” is a reflection on Ky’s legacy in music education. In it, we follow the Keeper who wants to finally return to the forest they have spent decades building up and nurturing.

The piece takes place over 4 acts:

  1. Return to the Forest

The Keeper starts their journey to the forest. They are met with sweeping winds and rustling of leaves followed by a majestic view of the tree canopy.

  1. March of the Woodland Critters

The critters are excited to see the Keeper. They put on a parade of sorts to welcome the Keeper back to the forest.

  1. Memoirs in the Tree Rings

Along the way, the Keeper reflects on the forest’s growth. In many ways the growth of the Forest is a direct reflection to the Keeper’s own personal growth. Those moments, both good and bad, are permanently engraved in the tree rings of the forest they have tended to.

  1. The Keeper’s Fanfare and Epilogue

The Keeper finally arrives at their favorite spot. A cabin on the hill where they can oversee the entire forest. After such a long and rewarding journey, they can finally relax, check the rain gauge, and celebrate the end of their long journey and the start of the next one. Regardless of where the Keeper of the Forest chooses to journey to next, the forest will always be there waiting.

Ensembles:   Concert Band

Genres:   Symphonic Band

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