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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

Inner Workings for Concerto for Trumpet, Symphonic Band, and Electronics

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  • Year

  • Difficulty

    Advanced, Medium
  • Duration

    14:50 min
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Inner Workings <em>for Concerto for Trumpet, Symphonic Band, and Electronics</em>


SKU: CW0025

Inner Workings is my first concerto for trumpet, symphonic band, and electronics. Fittingly, the first brass instrument I learned to play was the trumpet in the 5th grade. I had grand dreams of becoming a professional trumpet player performing in movie scores and major symphony orchestras. Although my trumpet playing ambitions never worked out, and I ended up switching to Euphonium, I have always held a special place in my heart for the trumpet. Thus, the title “Inner Workings,” a play on both the mechanical nature of the physical instrument and the persona of the musician, was chosen.

In Inner Workings, I chose to explore the various aspects of a trumpet player through three distinct movements using three different trumpets and additional electronic voices. Each movement represents various aspects and qualities of the emerging trumpet soloist. In the first movement, Fanfare for the Mind, we hear the piccolo trumpet in a triumphant fanfare and contrasting lyrical passages. The second movement, Soul’s Solitude, explores the depths and beauty of the instrument through the use of a flugelhorn and improvisation. The concluding movement, Imagination Unbound, demonstrates to the listener the acrobatic and whimsical nature of the traditional B-flat trumpet through technical passages and an imaginative cadenza, culminating with a grand flourish that brings it all together, revealing the trumpet’s most powerful Inner Workings!


Please email me to get the electronics for this piece (Ableton Live Set)

Ensembles:   Concert BandSolo

Genres:   ConcertoElectronicsPianoTrumpetSymphonic Band

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