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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

Curtain in the Sky

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    07:00 min
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Curtain in the Sky

A subtle work for wind band that features slowly shifting curtains of sound and optional harp and string bass parts that can further enhance the sound palette. The piece uses moments of silence and slowly evolving melodic lines to describe the movement from this dimension to the next. A powerful, emotional work.

Written in 2016, “Curtain In The Sky” is a piece written based on poetry I wrote for another song:

As you begin upon your journey, to a far and distant land,
I think on what you told me, to help me understand.
The journey will be long, but not without an end,
You will find your inner peace, and all your worries will transcend.
At day’s end, when the sun is gone, I know it’s not goodbye,
Because I know you are just beyond, that curtain in the sky

The poem describes a loved one going on a journey. Sometimes we can take that journey with them, and there are other times when they must take that journey alone. Regardless of the journey, they are never far away. The piece reflects this and uses moments of silence and slow melodic lines to describe this journey and convey the meaning of the poem in a way that only music can.

The piece is written in loving memory of Jacob Nance.

Performance Notes

The harp and string bass are completely optional.

Ensembles:   Concert Band

Genres:   Lyrical

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