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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

Celestial Body Harmonia for Flex

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    06:00 min
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Celestial Body Harmonia <em>for Flex</em>

$0.00  -  Digital Score and Parts

SKU: AD0001

Harmonia means “harmony”. Adapted from my 2019 work, “Celestial Body”, “Harmonia” is a cell style piece for any number of performers and instruments with electronics. Just like every star in our galaxy, each performance will be unique and different. I encourage the listeners to fully relax and let themselves immerse and get lost in the sounds.

This piece can be played with one up to many players.

This piece is available for free with proof of donation to any charity (Band of Angels, St. Judes, or any other). Send proof to [email protected] or reach out to me on social media @rlcompositions.

Ensembles:   Flex Ensemble

Genres:   AdaptableElectronicsSynth

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