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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

Celestial Body

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    23:00 min
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Celestial Body

$300.00  -  Digital Rental (Single Performance)

SKU: ORC0005

We are made of star-stuff.
– Carl Sagan, “The Cosmic Connection: An Extraterrestrial Perspective”

Celestial Body is a 3 movement work for orchestra and electronics. All 3 movements are performed with no pauses or breaks. The work tells the journey of the life of a celestial body. This journey is loosely based in science, philosophy, and religion. This “body” can represent a physical object in outer space, a metaphysical being, or our human soul. Regardless what interpretation the listener chooses, the journey is the same. Life, death, and redemption.

Commissioned by the Peabody Conservatory Modern Orchestra. Read more about the premiere of the piece.

This piece is available for rent. Contact Robert to get more details.

Ensembles:   Full Orchestra

Genres:   ElectronicsOrchestra

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