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Robert Langenfeld Compositions


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    03:40 min
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$60.00  -  Digital Score and Parts

SKU: CW0023

Blueshift is a decrease in wavelength and increase in frequency and energy of a wave. This phenomenon is part of the doppler effect and is part of how astronomers determine relative motion of objects within our universe.

Just like it’s scientific naming, “Blueshift” is an energetic fanfare. The name also implies the shift towards the “blue” spectrum of jazz music. These influences are central to this piece with nods towards prominent pieces of American jazz and blues such as “Rhapsody in Blue” and “Jump,
Jive an’ Wail”.

Performance Notes

All fast sections q=160 can optionally be hard swung. If you choose to do this, the slower sections (q=80) should remain straight. This is entirely up to you and your group to decide on to create your own unique performance. Make sure you dictate this to your group so they can mark their parts accordingly.

Pay careful attention to not let the marimba determine the tempo (especially if you choose to swing).

Ensembles:   Concert Band

Genres:   BluesFanfare

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