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Robert Langenfeld Compositions

All That We Hold Dear for Saxophone Quartet

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    05:00 min
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All That We Hold Dear <em>for Saxophone Quartet</em>

$0.00  -  Digital Score and Parts

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About the Piece

Living through a pandemic really shifted my perspective on what was important in life. I quickly realized that what I cared about the most was the people in my life. My friends, colleagues, and family were the things I cherished the most. The experiences I shared with them, the memories I’ve made, and the bonds I’ve created were what I held most dear.

“All That We Hold Dear” celebrates what is most important to us. People who were by our side when things were at the worst. Loved ones who battled illness and may not have been able to continue their journey anymore. Holidays, moments, and celebrations that were deprived from us for the safety of all. The piece is meant as a way to reflect on these things and more. And hopefully, leaves us with a sense of hope for the future. No matter where it leads us all.

Performance Suggestions

Pay attention to the phrasing in conjunction with the dynamics. There are lots of moments to introduce “pauses” or “moments of silence”. Make sure that you, as a group, decide where breaths will be taken. Most importantly, pay attention to the nuances of the tempos and really bring out the rubato.

If you wish to perform this piece, it is free of charge. The only thing I ask in return is that you find a good deed to do in your community or donate to a cause you are passionate about. There’s enough negativity in the world as is and we could all use a little music and niceness. It goes a long way. Just email me for your copy at [email protected] or reach out to me on social media @rlcompositions

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