Composer’s Corner – Entry 1 – Building Something Awesome

I don’t really expect many people to see this. So if you’re reading this, congratulations! I’m mainly writing this blog post to keep my sanity in check while I re-design my website. I’ve been kind of away from my website and not keeping it up to date but that’s all about to chance. A lot has happened and a lot more is to come.

First of all, why the redesign? Well the old website was kind of hanging on by a thread and it was really hard to upkeep and maintain. My design plan for this website was to give me something that I could easily maintain and upkeep. The other main goal was about realizing a goal of mine that I’ve had for a really long time.

I have been published now for many years by several different companies. As the years went on some of these companies started to go under and close their doors. The economy was getting bad and it saw the closing of one the largest publishers in the US (Southern Music Publications) close its doors for good. After that several of my smaller publishers had to close their doors because they didn’t have an outlet to distribute their music to. Basically a giant domino effect occurred and it made me really nervous. I wanted people to be able to still purchase my music and be able to see all the other things I could offer them.

So as of July 31st, 2014. I effectively ended my publishing contracts with several of my publishers with the goal that I could sell my music online myself. Thus a new RLCompositions was needed. A logo has been in the works now for 8 months and I have been told it will be done any day now. My plan is to get RLCompositions completely self-sustained in its operating costs and the amount of time it takes me to run it.

This is where the challenge has been. How do I balance my full time job, my family, friends, and run a business and still find time to compose? I haven’t quite figured it out yet. But in the coming weeks as I ready the site for its glorious new launch, I will figure out the most effective way to accomplish this.

With that I will end this post here. Much is left to be done on the site and there are tons of things that need to be decided still. Until next time.